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A Push-Button Data Analytics Solution?

PushButtonIs there such a thing as a push-button data analytics solution? Some vendors certainly make that claim.

Bu if you want data analytics to solve real business problems you can’t go the quick and easy route. You can’t look for push-button solutions, because they don’t exist.

You need to look to your own intelligence first. Data analytics requires you to do some thinking on your own. You have to make decisions about how to work with the data. Otherwise the data will be incapable of answering the question you are trying to answer.

You are smart. Software is dumb. A push-button software package doesn’t really understand what you’re trying to accomplish. In truth, it only understands ones  and zeroes, and the things you are trying to make those ones and zeroes do.

Trusting algorithms over your own brain is a mistake. In fact, it’s one of the most common mistakes that organizations make when they start trying to dive into data analytics. But it’s important to remember that the software is there to support you, not to solve all of your problems.

If all of this is true then why do some vendors continue to push the idea that push-button solutions exist? The answer is really very simple.

Such a strategy appeals to your baser instincts. It appeals to the very human desire to make everything quick, easy, and painless. The “push-button” solution may not work, but the appeal to basic instincts sure makes the vendor a lot of money!

So if you’re shopping for data analytics software right now, beware. An emphasis on push-button solutions should be treated as if it were a red flag, not as if it were a benefit.

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