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analytics program enablement for growth-mindset organizations
The Modeling Agency, LLC (TMA) is an analytics enablement company. TMA trains, leads and mentors organizations to establish low-risk and high-impact analytic operations – eliminating years of trial, discovery and wasted resource. TMA moves its clients beyond ‘analytics-as-usual’ to data-driven decisioning that is purposeful, measurable, understandable, actionable, impactful, adoptable and residual. Start with TMA’s popular live webinar and proceed to TMA’s experiential training focused on essential dynamics inherent at the organizational level.

“I am thrilled with what I got out of the ‘Advancing the Analytics-Driven Organization’ course. You have a clear and uniquely valuable way of explaining analytics as a strategic enterprise asset. I’ll be talking to my partners and will be taking more of your training in the future.”

Justin Rives
Owner, EVP of Delivery, Enilon

“This course gave me just what I needed: a clear conceptual idea of how a predictive analytics project is designed and implemented, and the guided reinforcement to gain confidence in the process.”

Dotty Korsey
Market Information Manager
Bank of Hawaii

“As someone without a formal degree, analytics can be a daunting word. This course is approached in a very consumable way and without the blunt theory of academia. It is practical and applicable, which is exactly what analytics needs in order to support organizational objectives.”

Carmen Schwesinger
Analyst, Government of Alberta

The Modeling Agency, LLC has been recognized as one of CIO Review Magazine’s twenty most prosing data analytics solution provider for 2018. The Modeling Agency, LLC is a  Continuing Educational Provider for the CAP® (Certified Analytics Professional) program. TMA is a Veteran-Owned Small Business, verified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. TMA is eligible to participate in Veterans First Contracting.