Guidance and results for the data rich, yet information poor.

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Since January of 2000, The Modeling Agency (TMA) has utilized its expert team comprised of the most experienced and respected senior-level professionals in data mining and predictive analytics. Many working relationships on TMA’s team extend over two decades.

TMA provides training, mentorship and solutions to organizations that are data-rich, yet information-poor and has been privileged to provide services and solutions for hundreds of highly recognizable organizations.

What sets TMA apart from other data mining consultancies is that TMA focuses on enabling its clients to internally operationalize data mining and predictive modeling. TMA’s services have enabled organizations across a vast spectrum of industries to establish and maintain their own predictive modeling practice.

Some of the world’s most respected brands and organizations operate far more efficiently and proactively utilizing TMA’s services by applying prospective and targeted treatments drawn from valuable information hidden within their existing mass of data. Instead of outsourcing each analytic task, TMA clients run their own predictive modeling factory with existing staff as a cost-saving or revenue-generating function within their overall BI practice.

Eric A. King, President and Founder

After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 1990, Eric joined NeuralWare, Incorporated, a neural network tools company, as a senior account executive. In 1994, he moved to American Heuristics Corporation (AHC): an advanced software technology consulting company in West Virginia specializing in artificial intelligence applications. At AHC, he performed as the director of business development for the commercial services division and created a training operation, The Gordian Institute. With the valued support of AHC, contractors, customers and family, in January of 2000 Eric founded The Modeling Agency in the spirit of establishing long-term professional relationships. The Modeling Agency provides guidance and results for those who are data-rich, yet information-poor.


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