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Data Mining Consulting Service Packages

We provide consulting engagements with purposeful objectives, methodical approaches, proven delivery, while removing the mystification of scope with fixed pricing, fixed timeframes, and fixed deliverables.


Data Mining Project Assessment (DMPA) creates an essential foundation for a successful data mining initiative by documenting findings and recommendations of a structured and comprehensive pre-project assessment. Data mining projects are highly susceptible to failure without a thorough assessment and resulting plan. TMA has developed formal guidelines to provide accurate estimates of work and cost, define responsibilities of the client-vendor team, and yet provide reasonable flexibility required throughout the knowledge discovery process. One of the most critical components of this process is the DMPA.


Analytical CRM Models allow you to determine who your best customers are and why. By applying CRM analytics to your marketing strategies, you will gain a comprehensive view of your customers and target the allocation of your marketing resources. Various model types may be purchased or licensed in order to anticipate customer behavior using your existing data. Fixed pricing, deliverables and timeframes are established for most common predictive CRM models.


Data Mining Wire Support will have you working faster, smarter and achieving more in predictive modeling. Wire Support establishes a prepaid retainer account, providing remote open access to a TMA senior consultant. Simply open up an account, and you’ve instantly added a wealth of experience and scalable capability …without expanding payroll, administrating complicated contracts or taking elevated risk on larger commitments. With TMA’s broad base of strategic and technical data mining experience across industries, you’ll achieve far more than you could otherwise, avoid costly pitfalls, and rapidly expand your internal knowledgebase. TMA’s Wire Support is highly efficient, scalable, dynamic and a snap to activate instantly on-line.


Data Mining Escort is a progressive series of structured workshops designed around your analytical tool(s) of choice. The workshop series delivers the combined effect of achieving early positive modeling results to validate your stakeholder’s investment, and reinforcement training to ensure lasting success with your tool(s) and the modeling process. Wire Support complements the series so that you and your consultant may work collaboratively between on-site events.

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